Suistamon Sähkö

Arctic Etnotekno Act

Hydroelectric power plants! Scratchy archive tapes!
A toy accordion!

All these fine ingredients are finally brought together in the form of Suistamon Sähkö – the uncompromising folktronica act with a taste for folk poetry, rap and manic dance moves!  Suistamo’s old village maps as their guide they travel the bumpy roads of Karelia to bring you the grooviest accordion rhythms, funkiest samples and fizziest electronics, all tied up in a sweet bundle of folk tradition and hip hop influences.

“The latest of their videos, a sort of spoof- Western treatment of the album’s opening track Hummani Hei, shows just how committed, theatrical, witty and self-image-effacing the band’s members, barely recognisable in dirt and bad dentistry (not their own), are prepared to be” Andrew Chronsaw, fRoots winter 2018/2019. ”Though they have only been around for three years, the quartet Suistamon Sähkö have grown into quite a phenomenon.” Tove Djupsjöbacka, Finnish Music Quarterly January 2019